“Lux” is the Latin word for light, and can refer to physical light or the light in a person’s heart that dispels darkness and fosters hope.

“Spectrum” comes from the Latin “specere”, to see, and originally means “what can be seen” or “what appears”. “Spectare” is something that appears without warning.

「spectrum」 is an image of captured light, and does not share the flower motif that permeates the other original photograms shown herein. For those flowers, unlike here, the underside and silhouettes of the see-through petals are fixed in place. Rather, the light itself that passes through that translucent motif is captured in the photosensitive paper. Using photographic techniques, this paper fixes the slight tremors of that underside of light which forms spectra. Though 「spectrum」varies greatly from the flower photograms, it is certainly an extension of previous works.








・Find the flower(1994-)


・video & Performance(2009-)

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