The direct photographing of light allows us to explore chūgan*.


The works presented in this FLOWERS series were all produced through the original method of directly printing photograms onto photographic paper. Their details show us that existence is true but fleeting, delicate lines of light surrounded by darkness. Despite the use of photographic techniques, these remain pictures as opposed to photographs.
Through the careful juxtaposition of positives and negatives, these pieces reflect the dichotomy of the seen and unseen worlds, of this life and the next. Their interactions are brought to life with the photographic paper used in this original method. The paper itself a medium that traverses these blurred boundaries.
In my opinion, flowers are offerings; to dedicate them to the deceased demonstrates respect for all creation, and symbolizes the bond linking the future and the past.

A flower for a life bereft
And all that we can’t see and isn’t told.

Sow a seed when naught but roots are left,
For life starts upon flowers that unfold.

* Contemplation of the Threefold Truth
The Tendai doctrine of Buddhism holds three central truths: that all things are void and without substantial reality (kūgan); that all things have temporary existence (kegan); and that all things are in a middle state, simultaneously both being void and also temporarily existing (chūgan).








・Find the flower(1994-)



・video & Performance(2009-)

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